Progress and Station Building
Continue with adding Ballast to the tracks
Start some Scenery Building

Huntington Town Station

A heritage railway based in the Cheshire / Shropshire border with Wales

Progress and Station Building

Now that the baseboards and track have been laid and tested I can now focus on the above board modelling. I have also finally given the layout a name "The Huntington Valley Railway".
The fictional line is based down the boarders between England and Wales with Cheshire and Shropshire so would have been owned by the GWR in its heyday.

Finally I have bought materials to start creating the platform base by using 5mm foam sheets. I will cut these to shape then cover with a platform surface and the track side supporting walls. Each sheet is 5mm so a sandwich of 3 should get to a height to place the surface on top. The platform surface will be covered in this black photo mounting card with paper printed paves. I'm wondering if I can lighten the black a little and texture it to look like an unfinished surface.

Had to decide how to end the platforms, to use a slope that is pointed or square due to the curve. Then at the other end where the line has points into the parcel platform or whatever I decide to use it, as I wanted the longest possible platforms in the space available. While deciding I also cannibalised the Hornby "Dunster Station" by removing the plastic platform that would never match any part of the final station so off it came and the stairs cut out to be fitted into the new station base.
Decision made, I went for follow the curve and finally cut a pointed end to match the other. At the opposite end it will be a simple block end with a ladder. Next step is to make the retaining walls and platform surface from the card covered with printed brick paper or paves.

So in the rain today I have been experimenting in printing bricks for the platform retaining walls. I took a picture of blue bricks to represent engineering bricks. In Photoshop the tone was adjusted and darkened and then duplicate layers made and positioned to fill a full A4 sheet of paper. This will be stuck to the card strips cut for the walls and platform sides.
The retaining walls have now been made by cutting strips of the card and using glue stick to secure cut strips of the printed paper bricks to the "black" side. The opposite side has had strips of double sided sticky tape attached and finally offered to the sides of the foam platform base. I'm quite happy with the result but will need to disguise the corners.

Card and brick paper attached

Moving onto the surface of the platforms, I,m going to have a paved area around the station building and unpaved (gravel) platforms away from the station. The edges will have set paves for the edge with the white line. So I'm back at Photoshop and I have created files to print off, one sheet for paves and another of edges.
I think it may actually work.

Happy with the way it may look and being in "lock-down" again I started to cut. A template was created of the base on paper and transferred to the card, a 4mm overhang was drawn and cut.

The card platform surface was offered to the base and carefully positioned to test clearances with the longest coach I had so adjustment could be made.
Happy again with the clearance I started to glue the edge strips to parts of the platform making sure part of the white warning strip was around the card edges. Finally I glued a sheet of paves and folded down the edge strips over the paves.
I just had to get a glimpse of the final look so a loco (must get a new buffer for this loco) was position just for a photo

Progress report, it’s coming along. 2nd platform surface now cut and being “paved” just need to print out another sheet. A new tub of @WoodlandScenics ballast arrived today so may have this section dusted off soon.

Done ! Enjoyed that as an inexpensive way to create two platforms. Not secured the surface to base yet with double sided tape as I want to finish off the ballast up to the walls and filling in the thin sections between some sleepers.
The jig shown beleow was to make sure the clearaces where correct for the full platform lenght, it was also modified to help with the positioning of the final surface to get the overhang clearance correct.

Continue with adding Ballast to the tracks

Moved back to finally filling in the missed ballast and sides of the track in the station platform area up to the platform walls.

Start some Scenery Building

Also started to add polystrene formers for the cutting at on end of the station. Being cold now in the gararge the PVA takes a lot longer to go off.
Once the PVA had set the whole area was covered in a coating of some artex repiar mix I found on a shelve in the gararge, another saving. When it was starting to dry I took a large 2.5 inch paint with damp bristles and lightly smoothed the surfaces leaving some bumps and undulations. Its now drying and I'm quite pleased with the effect, once fully dry it will get a good coating of brown paint before flocking.

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