How I got into "social" ballroom dancing

"when you hear a tune and say how can you dance to this, you're hooked"

Pamela Stewart (ne Hose).

At the age of 10 during a holiday somebody asked Pam's mother after watching her dance, if she went to dancing ? And commented that if not she should take her. So Pam's Mum took her to "Connie Millington’s" (see more here) to see if she would like it, after a few weeks of lessons she was approached by Connie in her usual excited manner "Oh Mama" Connie said "She is really good, a natural! You must let her stay". Her mother was “gob smacked” as this situation had never entered her head, however she was persuaded and did let her stay; and so it started the future was set.
As a junior, she took medal tests progressing up the levels and partnered others in competitions with mixed results, enjoying the whole experience of competing and seeing the adults perform in their stages.
She started helping in class and eventually after receiving her Laurel award took and passed the “Student Dance Teacher” exam later passing and qualifying as an "Associate Teacher" with the Allied Dancing Association (ADA) at both Ballroom and Latin American branches. Later teaching in her own class weekly on a Thursday at Connie's (Constance Millington's) Academy of ballroom dance in 18 Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside.

Medals Awards and Certificates

Medals and Awards   Pam Hose   Pam Hose  

The medals and the awards are now stored in the loft, not forgotten just saved. The certificates where awarded for passing the Associate exam for the ADA.
Somewhere we must also have the student certificates too. All that was a life in another time with good memories, now she uses her skills to pull me around the room keeping me in time.